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澳门威尼人8188网站Hi Dribbblers!

Nowadays messengers are the most common ways of communicating with each other, especially between millennials. This group prefers WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, or Telegram.

澳门威尼人8188网站Zoomers finds these apps useful, but not so eye-catching and lack of some important functionality.

澳门威尼人8188网站Outcrowd team has decided to create a concept of a messenger for zoomers that solve those two issues. 澳门威尼人8188网站ing illustrations in some places makes this app recognizable and very cool-looking and having some features related to video communication and some social network things brings everything they need in one place.

澳门威尼人8188网站What do you think about this work? Also, what messenger do you use?


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