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A little bit about Meg Lewis

I use my skills as a designer and my love for comedy to make the world a happier place through design, books, talks, writing, spaces, podcasts, workshops, and videos!

澳门威尼人8188网站 I’ve been a freelance brand designer for over 10 years! I specialize in clean, bright, personable design and creating brands that the world loves.

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Latest Episode

Overtime: Great Design Takes Time

Episode 94

Great Design Takes Time

This week on Overtime… is your brand actually a bland ? It might be! Plus, we talk about how to stretch those (socially awkward) muscles during the pandemic. Last but not least, I’m sharing an important lesson I’ve learned from teaching new designers: Design takes a heck of a lot more time than you think it does—and that’s okay!

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Past episodes

  • Overtime: When Non-Designers Design Stuff

    Episode 93

    When Non-Designers Design Stuff

    This week on Overtime, the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics logo is revealed, and you won’t believe who designed it… we dig into why it’s so controversial. Plus, get the inside scoop on a new productivity service that’s supposed to be “an extension of your mind”. Last but not least, illustrator Kirk Wallace drops by to talk about how unique and varied inspiration sources can actually lead to more interesting work. Thanks to for sponsoring this episode!

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  • Overtime: A Logo Drenched in Class

    Episode 92

    A Logo Drenched In Class

    This week on Overtime, get the inside scoop on the extra fancy new Rolls-Royce rebrand designed by the folks at Pentagram! Plus, what is Auto-Tune Typography澳门威尼人8188网站? Learn all about the typographic trend you’ve been seeing all over the internet. Then, what the heck is going on with Instagram? We dig into the different ways to engage your audience amidst the many changes in social media trends.

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  • Overtime: A Party for One Can Still Be Fun

    Episode 91

    A Party For One Can Still Be Fun

    澳门威尼人8188网站This week on Overtime, where is everyone moving to because of COVID? We’re digging into the most popular destinations people are relocating to, and why. Plus, we explore how social distancing has affected upcoming fashion trends and the way we dress. Last but not least, how to have a party with yourself! We share advice for spending time with yourself in an encouraging and exciting way. Thanks to for sponsoring this episode!

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  • Overtime: Work Hard & Be Nuanced on the Internet

    Episode 90

    Work Hard & Be Nuanced on the Internet

    This week on Overtime, we discuss why nuanced thinking is important in design and how to start eliminating binary thoughts from your head! Plus, why telling you to study and emulate what successful people do is probably not澳门威尼人8188网站 the most helpful advice. Then, we talk all about taking creative control amidst the chaos of 2020. Thanks to for sponsoring this episode!

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  • Overtime: The Star-Spangled Bojangles (Logo) Blues

    Episode 89

    The Star-Spangled Bojangles Logo Blues

    This week on Overtime, Art Director, Designer, and Letterer Adé Hogue joins Meg to discuss the new Bojangles’ logo, a Tesla engineer redesigning a chocolate chip, and how to stay productive and hyper-focused during these crazy times! Thanks to and for sponsoring this episode.

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  • Overtime: New Logo, Who Dis?

    Episode 88

    New Logo, Who Dis?

    澳门威尼人8188网站This week on Overtime, the U.S gets a new independent military branch and debuts a new logo that designers hate! Plus, we also dig into Toyota’s most recent rebrand. Then, Rebecca Brooker and John Hanawalt from Queer Design Club stop by to chat about their LGBTQ+ design community and share shocking facts from their recent Queer Design Count survey. Thanks to for sponsoring this episode!

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