澳门威尼人8188网站We’ve provided vector versions of our logo and mark for certain uses listed below.

dribbble logo

Dribbble logo

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dribbble ball mark

Ball mark

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dribbble ball icon

Ball icon

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Branding example: Do
  • 澳门威尼人8188网站e these graphics to link to Dribbble.
  • 澳门威尼人8188网站e these graphics when mentioning Dribbble in an article or in print.
  • 澳门威尼人8188网站e these graphics to promote your Dribbble profile.


Branding example: Don't
  • 澳门威尼人8188网站e these graphics to brand your own website or application.
  • Manipulate the logos or imply sponsorship, endorsement, or false association with Dribbble Holdings Ltd.
  • 澳门威尼人8188网站e any other artwork from our site without explicit permission.

Official Colors

澳门威尼人8188网站You’re encouraged to use the official Dribbble colors when displaying the logo and marks. When using the logo type on light backgrounds, use our charcoal color when possible. 澳门威尼人8188网站e white if displaying on dark backgrounds (as in the header).

  • #ea4c89
  • #444444
  • #3a8bbb
    Link Blue
  • #c142a0
    Jobs & Hiring
  • #00b6e3
  • #66cc99
  • #9da3a5
On dark backgrounds, use white.
On light backgrounds, use Charcoal (#444444) or Pink (#ea4c89) if you can.